Some Reflections on the Cross

Occasionally a post is so good, it bears re-blogging without any edit. Some Reflections on the Cross is worthy of such distinction. Contemplate these insights prayerfully.

Vapors In The Wind

Here’s the thing about history: History is not about events that happened; it is people’s stories about events that happened. The only way we know anything is through narrative; we make sense of our world through metaphors. All of our observations of the world around us first pass through the filters of our narratives before we can order and process them. The world is simply too overwhelmingly chaotic otherwise. We need to know which of the millions of events we witness daily need to be foregrounded and which we can ignore. We need a sensory triage system to tell us what to focus on and why. And we do that by giving meaning to the events that we experience. This meaning is generated through the various narrative frameworks that we learn and develop. Those narrative frameworks might be social and cultural narratives, they might be religious narratives, they might be…

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