WHAT to Believe or WHO to Believe?

Originally posted in reply to an Article entitled “Child Abuse and Atheism” at , I included it here for reasons that are hopefully apparent.

Whenever ANY person looks on another in judgment (whether a so-called ‘Christian’ or perceived member of ‘other’ religions) rather than seeking the GOD such persons proclaim loyalty to, ‘true religion’ rather than ‘right relationship’ immediately becomes the topic. As IB rightly stated in her Article – TRUTH is a PERSON. Alternatively, religions are mere ideologies formed by individual interpretations of the teachings of whatever particular assumptions are believed about ‘my’ GOD.

What is tragically too often overlooked in sharing one’s faith, is that God has NOT created a world inhabited by faulty robots, programed to conform to certain standards and regulations, but prone to failure. His presenting the Law through Moses was to reveal the Righteousness of God, NOT to set a standard of acceptable behavior, but – to show mankind how far superior and beyond a man’s BEST efforts, GOD actually is. Basically to proclaim, “I AM” – you’re NOT.

The plan of God is to establish the Righteousness of God that ONLY God Himself can achieve and maintain – to prove that He is the ONLY true God. In accomplishing THAT, He revealed Himself through Christ and initiated an eternal right-relationship in His believers by His Spirit living perpetually within them, enabling them to perform the good will of God according to HIS purpose.

Atheists claim no belief in God, but false belief in God can be even more dangerous. Many have moved from NO belief to encountering God, while fewer have escaped false religions imposed upon them by family heritage. The notion of conformity to a particular standard of religious convictions (especially when promoted from early childhood to the exception of other more valid teachings) without a proper introduction to the PERSON of Christ the Living God, negates the intentions of God’s plan of salvation. Apart from experiencing a personal encounter with Christ, man is powerless to achieve real righteousness, regardless of the most sincere commitment to religious beliefs.

I find it tragically amusing that the world consensus agrees on the ‘goal’ of any religion is attaining right relationship with God in hopes of some form of comfortable after-life, yet they imagine all methods and paths towards that ‘goal’ as equal. If there are MANY Gods, then such logic is sustainable, but if there is only ONE GOD, by the same logic – there is only ONE WAY to Him.

ONLY Jesus Christ declared regarding Himself to be THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE. THAT statement is either true or not, making everything else regarding God, religion, and life thereby accountable relative to the right conclusion.

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” – Jn. 14:6.

“You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me” – Jn. 5: 39

One comment from IB‘s blog stated: “I know the Truth, the Truth is a person, and He can set you free.”

When rightly acknowledged as a living being, TRUTH has the capability of salvaging captives. Conversely, when TRUTH is perceived as merely a philosophy or ideology, not only is it open to debate,it is powerless to save. anyone. Without the reality of a right relationship with the Living Christ, life is destined to be perceived merely as equally confusing and void of absolutes to everyone – abstract at best.

Unless a vital personal relationship with the Author of Life is literally a constant state of consciousness, the ‘goal’ of one’s most altruistic endeavors remains insurmountable.

No God, No Peace. Know God, Know Peace.

3 thoughts on “WHAT to Believe or WHO to Believe?

  1. Amen! Well said.

    I too have come to the conclusion that while no belief is certainly undesirable, false belief is really awful. I appreciate you putting that into words for me, because all I can ever think of is, accept no cheap substitutes!

    It really sad to me when people think they know Christ because they park themselves in a church or something, but they really don’t know Him at all. If you hate God or love Him, at least there’s some passion there, some connection. Indifference is far worse.

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