Welcome to my new blog! This is just an introductory post so I’ll keep it simple.

I decided to start a theology blog because as an ordained Christian minister, counselor, and theologian I recognize the need to offer the benefits of systematic theology to those who have not had the time, education, and personal experience to fully research scripture and related history to arrive at a qualified and unbiased comprehension of related doctrines and practices of the faith.

I plan to be posting original articles which represent my personal research and experience about the major doctrines of Christianity and the proper interpretaion of scripture. Because my personal conviction regarding biblical Christianity is that it is wrongly perceived as a religion rather than a true revelation of Almighty God, I hope to communicate the value and necessity of establishing an eternal right relationship with God through the completed earthly mission of Jesus Christ and the present residency of the Holy Spirit in the lives of all true believers.

Obviously, this will require indepth explanation, careful definitions of terminology, the Holy Spirit’s anointing, and a desire on the part of the reader to willingly forsake preconceptions and biases, so as to ultimately be delivered from false belief systems (false doctrines) and enjoy a proper understanding of the Bible while experiencing an eternal right relationship in Christ.